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  • An admissions counselor works with a prospective student.

    50th Anniversary Top Student Scholarship

    In honor of it's 50th Anniversary, Penn State Shenango will award a scholarship package totaling $5,000!
  • A cartoon urges you to go online to fill out your FAFSA.

    It's FAFSA time!

    The 2015-16 financial aid application is available NOW at Current students should complete the FAFSA before April 15. New students need to get it done by March 1. Need help? Click below.
  • You can study almost anything at Penn State Shenango.

    160+ majors

    Want to be a TV reporter, a marine biologist, an artist, or an ice cream baron? Penn State has your major. You can complete your degree at Penn State Shenango or move to another campus after two years.