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System User Responsibilities

  1. Read and agree to abide by University Policy AD-20, ADG02, and ADG03 as referenced at: http://guru.sp.psu.edu/policies/ad20.html and all related and referenced policies, as well as any subsequent revisions, amendments, or newly implemented policies.
  2. Agree not to share account ID or password information.
  3. Back up important user files.
  4. Comply with all software license agreements governing installed software. (Please consult with the campus IT staff with questions or concerns.)
  5. Ensure physical security of the computer at all times. (This is especially significant for laptops)
  6. Agree not to alter system hardware, software, or network configuration without the assistance and approval of campus IT support staff.

The form that must be filled out by all Shenango personnel can be received in the I.T. Office located in Sharon Hall 202.