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· Work to develop solid and professional contacts while you are a student at Penn State Shenango.

· Keep an open mind and a willingness to meet new people.

· Opportunities to connect with others in your field of interest are plentiful and varied.  Remember college has no boundaries...think outside of the box.

· Be creative when making the proper connections.  For example, get involved with Alumni Relation events, business panel discussions and community projects to name a few.


Penn State Networking Resources: LionLink is a database of alumni who have volunteered their time to serve as a networking resource for students and other alumni.
To register for LionLink, please go to http://www.pennstateshenangoalumnisociety.org/


Request Form for Faculty Recommendations

To request a letter of recommendation from faculty — Click on http://www.registrar.psu.edu/ and go to student forms.


 Tips on Choosing References

- Have a clear job objective in mind prior to requesting someone to represent you as a reference.

· Consider how a potential reference knows you, your work and your work ethic.

· Prepare your request when asking a person to be a reference on your behalf by stating  your career objective and the relevance of their support in relationship to the objective.

· Choose three people who know you professionally and/or personally that can attest positively to your character, work ethic, skill and value to the job.

· Give a copy of your resume to your references and describe the job that you have applied.

· Research the company and the duties of the position, and offer this information to your references, so they may better represent you.

· Request a copy of the recommendation letter your references send on your behalf to keep in your files.

· Follow up with a thank you note to your references and keep them in the loop as to your success.

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