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Student ServicesThe Office of Career Services is available to help you put your best foot forward.  Whether it is what to say, how to dress or what to bring to the interview... Career Services in Sharon Hall 207 is here for you!

Workshops are offered throughout the year - Click on http://www.events.psu.edu/ and select campuses, then Shenango for a complete schedule of workshops and events.

· Preparing for the Interview

· Dress for Success

· Preparing a Polished Portfolio

· Connecting by Networking

Student Services

Practice Makes Perfect!

Mock interviews are a great way to practice your interviewing skills, learn how to respond to different styles of questions and boost your confidence.

You may also practice online using InterviewStreamInterviewStream gives you the power to practice, save and conduct your online interviews from the comfort of your own home or career center.

To make an appointment for a mock interview call the office of Career Services at 724– 981-2969



10.  Toot your own horn quietly:  Be confident yet humble

 9.  Sit up and keep your hands to yourself:  Maintain good posture and use hand gestures appropriately

 8.  Um...like...um, watch your “um’s” and “like’s!”

 7.  NOT TOO LOUD, n-o-t t-o-o-o s-l-o-w:  Maintain good voice projection and speech rate

 6.  Know WHEN to say WHEN:  Provide enough detail without rambling

 5.   Have a method to your madness:  Keep responses organized

 4.  Keep your eyes on the road:  Maintain eye contact

 3.  Stand out from the crowd!  Use past examples and explanations to validate and personalize your responses

 2.  Make sure “your glass is half-full”:  Always be positive!

 1.  Don’t sweat it!  Keep the interview in perspective and be yourself!

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