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Cover and Correspondence Letters

The job search process begins and ends with professional letters. 

Letters in the job search process include: 

· Cover Letters

· Inquiry Letters

· Thank You Letters

· Acceptance Letters

· Letters of Regret

· Emails


Sample of a Thank You Letter


Thank You Letter

Cover Letter and E-Mail Writing Tips


· Write it yourself, in your own words.  Use sample letters only as a guide. 

· Decide your purpose in writing and plan accordingly. 

· State your intent in the first paragraph, then use facts to support your interest giving value to your request.

· Keep your letters warm, but professional.  Avoid being overly familiar in tone.  Remember that business letters are formal.

· Write clearly and simply.  Keep your thoughts focused and concise.

· Be positive in content, tone, word choice and expectations. 

· Use an active voice and action verbs in your writing.

· Keep the font standard and always check for errors prior to sending.

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