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Fifty-two percent of the Penn State Shenango population are adult learners. As a prospective student, it is important to know that the Shenango Campus supports both our traditional and adult student populations. The Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) is a unit of enrollment for students who want to explore the many major options available within the Penn State system, as well as for students who change their academic plans. Students may use DUS to explore new majors or to facilitate the change into a different academic program.

Check out the New Student Orientation Program

DUS Services and Resources

An Enrollment Option

Students may be admitted as entering first-year students in DUS. As a first-year student, four full-time semesters (or equivalent) are permitted. Continuing students may enroll in DUS at any time in their academic career for a maximum of two full semesters.

Academic Advising and Educational Planning

DUS provides advising, information and referral services to anyone who requests them, including students enrolled elsewhere in the University. DUS advisers help students evaluate their educational plans; answer questions about exploring major fields; and provide general information about academic policies, rules and procedures. Provisional students are assigned to DUS advisers who are aware of the special entrance requirements that provisional students must meet.

There are resources available in the Office of Career Services. There are also online resources at the DUS Navigator, Major Decisions, and Majors at PSU.

NSO: New Student Orientation

The New Student Orientation is a comprehensive program of testing, individualized educational planning, and academic advising for new students.

  • Once students accept an offer of admission, you will be asked to complete the First-Year Placement Test. These assessments will evaluate your knowledge in the areas of English, Mathematics, and Chemistry. Testing will be available online. If you have not received information on taking the placement testing or have problems completing the testing, contact the Penn State Shenango DUS Office at 724-983-2860. If you are attempting to contact us after 5pm, please contact NSO Operations at 814-865-2578.
  • Once tested, you will be invited to participate in an academic advising program at your campus of attendance.

The academic advising program is designed to introduce students to the academic programs and structure of Penn State. This includes a discussion of the majors, requirements of the program, and an assessment of your placement test results. You will meet individually with an academic adviser to discuss your educational plans. Information gained through attendance at this program will benefit you significantly in working toward your educational goals.

Information for First-Year Students

Student Resources

There are sites, both academic and extra-curricular, that are available to explore. Some of these include: an interactive supplement to the student-adviser relationship (eLion), and information source for academic advice (PSU Advising), The Undergraduate information Network (Portals) and information on University academic policies and procedures (advising handbook).

The DUS Network

DUS coordinates a network of Academic Advising and Information Centers at campuses and colleges throughout the Penn State system. These centers specialize in advising pre-major first-year and sophomore students until they are prepared to enter a major. Centers also provide general academic information for faculty, students, prospective students, and others who request it. There are representatives at University Park and at each college/campus location.

If you have any academic questions or concerns you would like to discuss, there are academic advisors available to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Amy Petrucci-Effinite: alp23@psu.edu Academic Advisor - SH 200

Billie Jean Horvath: bjr153@psu.edu Academic Advisor, SH 201

Wilma White: wkw1@psu.edu Staff Assistant