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Penn State Shenango Smoking, Smokeless Tobacco and eCigarette - Vaping Policy

Penn State Shenango has the responsibility of providing and maintaining a safe and healthy learning and work environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Thus, smoking and vaping (use of eCigarettes) is allowed on campus, but there are restrictions. These restrictions are a combination of Penn State Shenango policy, as well as the Pennsylvania State University Administrative Policy (AD-32).

Smoking of any material is prohibited in all University facilities, at all locations, including University-owned vehicles. It is also prohibited in any outside area adjacent to a facility whose configuration and/or other physical circumstances allow smoke either to enter and affect the internal environment or to unduly affect the environment of those entering or exiting the facility. Penn State Shenango restricts the use of all tobacco products and vaping (including, but not limited to, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and eCigarettes) to the smoking shelter located directly behind McDowell Hall, the Southwest side of Forker Lab building, and the Southside entrance of Sharon Hall. Use of tobacco products and eCigarettes are prohibited inside any Penn State Shenango facility.