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Persons, Other than Students or Employees, who are injured or become ill on University Property


To outline the University's policy regarding accidents or sudden illnesses occurring on University property and involving persons other than students or employees.

Emergency Assistance:

It is the policy and intent of the University to render emergency assistance to anyone who is injured or stricken with sudden illness while on University property.

  1. The service of a nurse, and possibly a doctor may be available in an emergency situation.
  2. If an emergency situation develops on other University property, such as field laboratory, ball field, the nearest doctor or other medical facilities should be used.

After the necessary initial assistance has been given to an injured or suddenly ill person, an immediate report of the circumstances should be made

Report accidents or illnesses to the Campus Chancellor or other Administrative Officers. The Chancellor or Area Administrative Officer will report immediately to the Risk Management Office, 411 Rider Building, University Park, PA 16802, (814) 865-6307.

Insurance Coverage:

Upon notification of a bodily injury accident, the Risk Management Office will determine whether the accident occurred in an area or under circumstances in which insurance is effective. If the incident is covered, an immediate report will be created in accordance with the terms of the policy; if not effective, the report of the circumstances of the accident will be kept on file for future reference.