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This program is designed for those who feel under-prepared or ill-prepared to work in diverse settings.

Diversity Studies (12 credits)
The program will benefit business and government leaders and employees, teachers and administrators, social and human service providers, and health care professionals.

Course Requirements*

Foundation Courses (choose one for 3 credits)

SOC 005 Social Problems (3 credits)
Current social problems such as economic, racial, and gender inequalities; social deviance and crime; population, environmental, energy, and health problems.
WMNST 001 Introduction to Women's Studies (3 credits) Interdisciplinary consideration of the scholarly theories and research pertaining to women's experiences and women's status in contemporary American society.


Professional Core Courses (choose three for 9 credits)

  • Must choose AT LEAST 3 credits from each list below and;
  •  Must choose AT LEAST 3 credits at the 400 level*
    *An independent study or research course, 494 or 496, or other special topic courses may be used to satisfy the 400-level course requirement, subject to approval by the Coordinator.

Courses on Women, Gender and Sexuality (choose 1 or 2)

ENGL 194 Women Writers (3 credits)
Short stories, novels, poetry, drama, and essays by English, American, and other English-speaking women writers.

HD FS 405 Gender and Social Development (3 credits)
A review of gender-related patterns of social development over the lifespan, as influenced by biological, sociological, and psychological factors.

NURS 452 Women's Health Issues (3 credits)
Exploration of major health issues concerning women today, with an emphasis on social, cultural, and medical influences.

THEA 207 Gender and Theatre (3 credits)
A study of theatre and drama literature as formed by issues of gender, race, and ethnic background.

THEA 407 Women and Theatre (3 credits)
A study of theatre practice and dramatic literature as informed by issues of gender, race, and ethnic background.

Courses on Race, Ethnicity and Religion (choose 1 or 2)

ENGL 139 Black American Literature (3 credits)
Fiction, poetry, and drama, including such writers as Baldwin, Douglass, Ellison, Morrison, and Wright.

HIST 152 African American History (3 credits)
African roots; colonial and revolutionary experiences; slavery and abolitionism; civil war and reconstruction; accommodation and protest; the new militancy.

HIST 153Y The Indian in North America (3 credits)
A survey of the American Indian from prehistory to the present.

RL ST 001 Introduction to World Religions (3 credits)
An historical and comparative survey of the principal beliefs and practices of the world's major religions.

CMLIT 108 Myths and Mythologies (3 credits)
World mythology: myths primarily of non-Western cultures, based on selected areas and traditions around the world.