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This cetificate is meant to enhance the careers of registered nurses.

Nursing Management Certificate
This program is designed to enhance the careers of registered nurses by providing training in managing the nursing system and its personnel.
(12 credits; offered on-line)

Course Requirements*

Core Certificate (12 credits)
NURS 430
Organization and Administration for the Nurse Manager
(3 credits)
Introduction to organizational theory and principles of practice in the administration of nursing services and patient care.

NURS 431 Data Management for Nurse Managers (3 credits)
Analysis of information systems to manage nursing service organizations; includes financial management, the budgeting processes, and productivity measurement.

NURS 432 Nursing Management of Human Resources (3 credits)
Human resource management and related factors in nursing service organizations.

NURS 433 Seminar for Nurse Managers (3 credits)
Course focuses on the application of management principles in the role of the nurse manager.