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This managment program focuses on principles of marketing and communications.

Marketing Management
This program is designed to provide basic management skills with a strong focus on marketing and communications. (18-19 credits)

Course Requirements*

Core Certificate (18-19 credits)
MGMT 301 Basic Management Concepts
(3 credits)
Study of fundamental principles and processes applicable to the understanding of management.

MKTG 220 Introduction to Selling Techniques (3 credits)
Principles underlying the sales process and practical application of these principles to selling situations. Studies role of selling in total marketing process.

MKTG 301 Principles of Marketing (3 credits) Focuses on customer behavior, product, channels of distribution, promotion, and pricing with emphasis on a culturally diverse environment.

Electives: Choose three

ACCT 211 Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making
(4 credits)
Introduction to the role of accounting numbers in the process of managing a business and in investor decision making.

SCM 301 Business Logistics Management (3 credits)
Management of logistics/supply chain processes.

ECON 002 Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy (3 credits)
Methods of economic analysis and their use; economic aggregates; price determination; theory of the firm; distribution.
ECON 004 Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy (3 credits)
National income measurement; aggregate economic models; money and income; policy problems.

MGMT 341 Human Resource Management (3 credits)
Introduction to the strategic planning and implementation of human resource management, including staffing, development, appraisal, and rewards.

MIS 103 Microcomputer Applications in Business (3 credits) Introduction to current business uses of the microcomputer, including spreadsheets, database management, word processing, and decision-making models.

SOC 001 Introductory Sociology (3 credits)
 The nature and characteristics of human societies and social life.

CAS 100 Effective Speech (3 credits)
Introduction to speech communication: formal speaking, group discussion, analysis and evaluation of messages.