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Joe Berg at Machu Pichu in Peru

Joseph Berg

Describe your favorite Alternative Spring Break (ASB) memory?

Machu Pichu in Peru

What made you decide to get involved in ASB?

Initially it was the opportunity to travel outside the U.S., but then it became so much more when I realized the difference that I made while on my trip. Giving back to the world by doing the things that I had already been doing at home all along. I got to see the difference that just one clean-burning stove made for a family in Peru, so I was more than happy to make more.

Where have you traveled with ASB?

Peru in 2011, Costa Rica in 2012

What is the preparation like for the trips? (i.e. classes, fundraising)

Lots of fundraising! Then family contributions, apply for grants, and of course, preparing for the trip by making sure you have lots of clean clothes and plenty of snacks to share with everyone.

What would you say to future students thinking about getting involved in ASB?

Just do it! It is life changing and can open your eyes to what’s going on in the world outside of your small town.

How has ASB helped you grow as a PSU student and a person?

I try to look at how my decisions can impact society on a global basis and try to make better decisions.