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Juanita Mennor at THON

Juanita Mennor

Describe your favorite THON memory?

My favorite THON memory is going to my first THON weekend, which happens in February. You get to go to the Bryce Jordan Center at University Park and you experience the greatest feeling when you go through the doors. When you enter the arena you hear loud music, see multiple colors, and positive people. Everyone in that arena is there for one reason, to help kids fight cancer!

What made you decide to get involved in THON?

When I was in grade school, my friend had cancer. I still do not know to this day exactly what kind, but all I know is when she did not show up to class one day, our teacher said she was not able to come to class anymore because she is very sick and had cancer. Two months later she passed away. I was not able to visit her at all and when she passed I felt very sad. I joined THON because I want help kids fight their cancer, find a cure, and that way children can have a brighter future!

How many years have you been participating?

This is my second year participating! And I will continue until I graduate from Penn State!

What is the preparation for the event like? (i.e. canning, fundraising)

We do many fundraisers through the year. We do different events like canning (hold a can out in front of businesses and ask for donations), annual spaghetti dinners, and many more. To prepare for THON weekend is such an exciting experience, you get your adrenaline pumping and you get to dance for 48 hours!

What would you say to future students thinking about getting involved in THON?

I would say GO FOR IT! THON is such an amazing cause! You are having fun with fellow students and raising money for pediatric cancer! Trust me it is so much fun! Yes, it is a lot of work because we want to raise as much as possible, but it is so rewarding!