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Degree path requirements

General Education

45 Credits

Bachelor of Arts Degree requirements

12 Credits (3 each in Arts, Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences and Other Cultures

Foreign Language

12 credits

LASCC "Core Requirements" or "Skills Courses"

12 Credits (3 each in courses substantially focused on teaching the following skills:

  • Research methods
  • Communication
  • Theory & Application
  • Critical Analysis

"Option Courses" related to your Theme

24 Credits including:

  • Supporting Courses: 9 credits, at any level
  • 400-level Courses:    15 credits

**The 400-level courses must include a "capstone course", usually an independent research course taken your last semester in which you complete an undergraduate thesis or equivalent project.


15 Credits

Total Credits: 120 credits

For Additional Information, Contact:

Dr. Philip Nash, LASCC Adviser
Email:  pxn4@psu.edu
Phone: 724-983-2978
Office:  310C Sharon Hall