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One degree, many avenues.

The LASCC degree prepares you for any number of careers because you get to tailor your degree accordingly.

The include careers in business, education, government, social services, non-profit organizations, communications, public relations, and international affairs.

Some Penn State Shenango LASCC graduates have earned their degrees mid-career, facilitating their promotion; others have gone on to earn graduate degrees.

Many employers are less interested in what your major is than you may think; after all, they will most likely have to train you anyway. Rather, many want to know that you are well-rounded, that you are trainable, and that you have a diverse skill-set. That's where an LASCC degree can help.

For Additional Information, Contact:

Dr. Philip Nash, LASCC Adviser
Email:  pxn4@psu.edu
Phone: 724-983-2978
Office:  310C Sharon Hall