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Holly Grande Vuich

Why did you choose PS Shenango?   I chose PSU Shenango initially because I needed to be close to home; I had aging relatives that I wanted to be near, and I also needed to be able to work full-time. This campus had the flexibility in scheduling that allowed me to take care of these other aspects of my life while working on my education. This quality has become even more important to me now, because my husband and I are both full-time students, we both work, we own a home, and we have two young children. We NEED a school that is sensitive to the needs of adult learners, and PSU Shenango offers that. Also, it's nice that our tuition dollars benefit the local economy.

What are the benefits of the LASCC major to you?  I don't think that people realize how challenging the LASCC major is. To be successful in this major, a student must be able to demonstrate proficiency in MANY areas. As such, it is a fantastic preparation for those who are planning to pursue an advanced degree, as well as those heading into the competitive job market. Exposure to many areas develops well-rounded individuals, who have had experiences with culture and diversity, as well as purely academic material. This helps make us more multidimensional as students, employees, and citizens of the world.

Who is your favorite prof at Shenango, and why?  I couldn't possibly pick one "favorite" professor at Shenango. One of the benefits of attending a smaller, community-based university is that there is a level of intimacy that larger campuses just cannot convey. Many of my professors have been like family to me. Not only have they been personally invested in my academic success, they have seen me through many life experiences. Dr. Philip Nash, Claudia Brown, Dr. Brandi Baros, Dr. Jamie Calhoun, Dr. Missa Eaton...I could go on and on. But to say that these professors have touched my life would be an understatement. The kindness, their commitment, their ability to keep me motivated and inspired; what they have contributed to my life transcends the classroom. I could not have survived my collegiate experience without them as my support system.

What's your favorite class you've taken so far, and why?  My favorite class that I have taken is History of the Holocaust with Dr. Philip Nash. That was the class that was truly an epiphany for me. I had always been interested in human rights, international law, history, etc., but that class made me realize that what I had was more than an interest; it was a passion. That class was where I realized what educational path I wanted to pursue. And when the LASCC program was created, I realized that I had an opportunity to combine all of my passions and interests into a legitimate college major, combining areas of study that I might not have been able to explore if I had only had the traditional single-subject major.

What are your plans for the future?I graduate with my LASCC degree this May. After that, I plan on exploring the different post-grad opportunities available to me for either law and/or academia.

Would you recommend LASCC to others? Why?I would absolutely recommend the LASCC major to others, particularly those who have broader academic interests or who have an interest in an area not traditionally offered as a major. Also, since the job market is so competitive right now, being well-rounded is more important than ever. This major gives students the opportunity to gain multiple skill sets, explore a broader range of material, and helps create thoughtful and respectful individuals who will be socially-conscious and high functioning in a diverse and fast-paced world.