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At Penn State Shenango, this associate degree currently has a focus which is unique to each students individual course of study. 

Letters, Arts, and Sciences is a complete two-year degree major. However, graduates who later seek admission to baccalaureate degree majors may apply baccalaureate credits toward the new degree. 

  • The Letters, Arts, and Sciences (LAS) degree is a classic liberal arts program with a flexible focus that allows you to achieve your specific educational and career goals.
  • It is a liberal curriculum that is focused on an area which the student and his or her advisors develop.With the help of an academic adviser, you choose courses from a variety of disciplines.
  • The combination of those courses provides the broad liberal arts education required of educated citizens and leaders, but at the same time cultivates the specific abilities that employers seek.
  • LAS fosters good communication skills, a broad knowledge base, and the ability to analyze and adapt to change — qualities that can help you find unique career opportunities in even the most rapidly changing economic conditions.

If you are interested, please contact either:

Dr. Philip Nash
Associate Professor of History           
Academic Adviser, LASCC
Phone: (724)-983-2978    

John Tamplin
Assistant Professor of English
Campus Coordinator, LASCC
Phone: (724)-983-2944  

For admissions information, contact the Penn State Shenango Admissions Office at (724) 983-2803.