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An emphasis on the skills and knowledge necessary for the business professional to function in community and regional centers of commerce.

BSBCC Option 2


ENGL 419(3) (Schedule during Semesters: 7-8)

Select 12 credits from the following (at least 3 credits in MGMT and at least 3 credits in MKTG): (Schedule during Semesters: 5-8)

BA 250 PROBLEMS OF SMALL BUSINESS (3) Analysis of problems of the small firm, particularly for the student who wishes to venture into business. Prerequisite: 3 credits in economics

MGMT 321 LEADERSHIP AND MOTIVATION (3) Applies organizational behavior theories, concepts, and skills to leading and motivating individuals and groups. Prerequisite: BA 304, MGMT 100, or MGMT 301; or 3 credits of psychology, sociology, or cultural anthropology

MGMT 341 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (3) Introduction to the strategic planning and implementation of human resource management, including staffing, development, appraisal, and rewards. Prerequisite: BA 304, MGMT 100, or MGMT 301  

MKTG 220 PERSONAL SELLING (3) Principles underlying the sales process and practical application of these principles to selling situations. Studies role of selling in total marketing process. Prerequisite: third-semester standing

MKTG 310 PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING (3) Examination of the role of public relations in a company's efforts to manufacture and market its products and services. Prerequisite: BA 303 or MKTG 221

MKTG 327 RETAILING (3) Management of marketing institutions in distribution channels from producers to consumers. Emphasis on retail institutions: location, personnel, merchandising, control, promotion. Prerequisite: BA 303 or MKTG 221  

MKTG 330 BUYER BEHAVIOR (3) Application of behavioral science concepts to the understanding of buyer behavior as a basis for marketing management decision making. Prerequisite: BA 303 or MKTG 221

MKTG 342 MARKETING RESEARCH (3) Research approaches, methods, and applications studied as a formal approach to problem solving for marketing decisions. Prerequisite: BA 303 or MKTG 221

MKTG 422 ADVERTISING AND SALES PROMOTION MANAGEMENT ( 3) Perspectives and models of the key decisions involved in managing advertising and sales promotion campaigns. Prerequisite: MKTG 342

CAS 250 SMALL GROUP COMMUNICATION (3) Skill development in the areas of group discussion, leadership, and teamwork.

CAS 252 BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION (3) Interviewing, briefing, conferring, and decision making; analyzing and evaluating formal and informal patterns of communication in organizations.

CAS 352 ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATION (3) This course examines the function and structure of communication in both formal and informal situations.

If you are interested, please contact:

Joy Bursey
Instructor in Business Administration
Phone: (724)-983-2951

For admissions information, contact the Shenango Admissions Office at (724) 983-2803.