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Division of Undergraduate Studies

Program coordinators

Amy Petrucci-Effinite, Academic Advising Manager

Amy Petrucci-Effinite
Academic Advising Manager
Office:   Sharon Hall 200
Phone:  724-983-2861
E-mail:  alp23@psu.edu

Billie Jean Horvath, Academic Advisor

Billie Jean Horvath
Academic Advisor
Office:   Sharon Hall 201
Phone:  724-983-2862
E-mail:  bjr153@psu.edu

Wilma White, Staff Assistant

Wilma White
Advising Staff Assistant
Office: Sharon Hall 200
Phone: 724-983-2860
E-mail: wkw1@psu.edu

What is Academic Advising?

Academic Advising is teaching. As an activity, its intention is to maximize student understanding and use of Penn State resources. Frequent and constructive interaction between adviser and advisee is essential to promote the student's educational goal."

What are the responsibilities of advisers and advisees?

To protect the rights and responsibilities of both student and faculty, the adviser neither grants nor denies administrative approval. The student must assume final responsibility for the successful completion of graduation requirements.

The Adviser's Role

  • To understand the University procedures and the academic concerns of the student
  • To understand the expected standards of achievement and the student's likelihood of success
  • To discuss suitable career objectives as demonstrated by student abilities and interests
  • To plan a course of study and advise about courses, adjustments, prerequisites, etc.
  • To refer students to other resources when appropriate
  • To keep informed and current regarding the specific college and department

The Advisee's Role

  • To acquire information for course scheduling, program planning and graduation requirements
  • To seek academic and career information needed to meet educational goals
  • To become knowledgeable about University and college policies, procedures, rules, etc.
  • To be prepared with accurate and relevant materials when meeting with the adviser
  • To consult with the adviser at least once a semester

Get help

The Office of the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) can help with your advising and information questions. Stop by or call for an appointment. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.