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Commonwealth Campuses Honors Program

The Capstone Project is the centerpiece of the Commonwealth Campuses Honors Program, enabling the student to experience intellectual discovery and to produce independent scholarly work. Integral to the student’s major, the project provides the opportunity to integrate material learned in the major with individual research and creative thinking beyond the classroom. While the student’s personal and professional goals may serve as the foundation for the Capstone Project, the project must be substantial, scholarly, and analytical; show thoughtful and meaningful engagement with the academic major; and demonstrate the student’s initiative.

The following options may be considered for the capstone project:

  1. Thesis: a written document embodying extensive research in a single area of scholarly investigation
  2. Substantial written analysis integrating the student’s honors work and demonstrating links to a central disciplinary or inter-disciplinary theme
  3. Scholarly publication (or notice of acceptance to be published) in a refereed journal and presentation
  4. Community and civic engagement project appropriate to the major area, with an academically-based written component and public presentation
  5. Other appropriate creative project with an academically based written component

The written component, a central aspect of the capstone experience, must include a title page with signatures of College faculty who have reviewed the finished work (including the faculty project supervisor and one other College faculty member who is expert in the project area), an abstract, and student vita. Three academic credits may be earned for completion of the capstone project (via an appropriate 494 or 496 course or 400-level writing-intensive course).

The Capstone Project Proposal Form must be completed at least two semesters prior to the student’s intended graduation, and approval by the academic adviser, faculty project supervisor, and the Campus Honors Coordinator are required.