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Welcome to Penn State, a world of unlimited opportunity! Because Penn State is a major research university and offers students so many program options and choices, firt year students often need information to help them chart a good path through their PSU experience. To provide this help, students enrolled in baccalaureate degree programming register for a First-Year Seminar (FYS) during the first year of study. The FYS is a requirement for graduation and offers the student the following benefits:

  • Helps set realistic expectations for their higher education experiences.
  • Presents the opportunity to develop a good working relationship with a member of the full-time faculty.
  • Provides intensive practice in skills needed to do well in a Penn State academic career.
  • Structures at appropriate times during the semester the sharing of valuable information about campus resources, exploring and selecting a major, planning coursework to meet the requirements of various majors, advising and registration procedures, university policies concerning the dropping and adding of courses, and many other logistics crucial to successfully completing a degree within four years.

At any Penn State locations, first-year seminars are available in a variety of formats and subject areas. Take one and begin building a strong academic foundation.

NSO advisors and other academic advisors can offer important advice to students trying to select among the first-year seminar options. Students are urged to consult their advisors!