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Alicia Jeffries

Alicia Jeffries

Why did you choose Penn State Shenango:

I chose Penn State Shenango because I knew that I would get a quality “Penn State” education for a lower cost and have the convenience of commuting from home.

Favorite thing about Penn State Shenango:

My favorite thing about Penn State Shenango is the size. Since this campus is so small, it is easy for professors to get to know your name and basic information about you. The faculty and staff on this campus genuinely care about their students and go above and beyond to help them in any way possible.

Do you work on/off campus while going to school (approx. how many hours/week):

On campus I have a work-study job that I work about 10 hours a week throughout the semester. I also work outside of school on the weekends.

Information about Alicia's internship:

As a requirement, Penn State business students can choose to do an internship for class credits or write a thesis paper. Because I do not have much field experience, I decided to find an internship. My internship is at Big Brother Big Sister, which is a non-profit organization where volunteers mentor children in need. My duty in this position will be to work in a team-setting and prepare and plan one of the organizations biggest fundraisers of the year. Since it is a public relations/marketing internship I will be going out into the community and trying to bring awareness to the event, as well as spark interest and get involvement. Another part of my duty will be to brainstorm and choose a theme for the event, make fliers, t-shirts, and other promotional material and use my business knowledge, particularly marketing to make this event a success.

Plans after Shenango:

After graduation I plan on beginning my job search and hope to do something in public relations or marketing.

Advice for students considering Penn State Shenango:

My advice for students considering Penn State Shenango would be to get involved in the clubs and organizations offered on campus. Through working in clubs and organizations you will grow as a person, make memories, and make a lot of great friendships along the way.