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Erica Gulentz

Erica Gulentz

Favorite thing about Penn State Shenango: The small class sizes allow for a more individualized education. I liked being able to get to know my professors. Everyone learns at a different level and speed and with the closeness of the classes you feel comfortable to say whether or not you’ve completely grasped a concept.

Plans after Shenango: At the moment I am undecided as to the direction I intend to take. The major I’ve chosen has many possibilities. But whether I stay here in the valley, or pursue employment elsewhere, I know the education I’ve received at Penn State Shenango will carry me to the best possible place.

Favorite Instructor and why: When I saw the question about my favorite instructor I was torn. So I can’t choose just one. Both of the professors I’ve chosen are truly passionate about what they teach. It comes across in their lectures every day. Some of the most uninteresting material is brought to a new light. I’ve never dreaded their classes or watched the clock for the time to leave. I look forward to their lectures and the way they conduct their courses. Both are very personable, willing to help a student in need of additional help, or are willing to just discuss whatever you might have on your mind about a topic that maybe wasn’t expanded upon. And for all that I say thank you to, Lisa Reeves Bertin, and Dr. Phillip Nash. You both are excellent instructors and I am honored to have been a part of your courses.

Advice for students considering Penn State Shenango: Don’t let the small class size fool you! They may be small but the courses are mighty. You don’t have to travel far to get a great education, because Penn State is right in your backyard.

  • MAJOR: 2-year Information Sciences and Technology
  • CLASS STANDING: 3rd Semester