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Archive(Prior Major and Minor Descriptions)
Aerospace Engineering (AERSP)
Agricultural and Biological Engineering (A B E)
Agricultural and Biological Engineering Minor (A B E)
Architectural Engineering (A E)
Bioengineering (BIO E)
Bioengineering Minor (BIOE)
Biomedical Engineering Technology (2 BET)
Building Engineering Technology (2 BLET)
Chemical Engineering (CH E)
Chemical Engineering Minor (CH E)
Civil Engineering (C E)
Computer Engineering (CMPEN)
Computer Engineering Technology (2CPET)
Computer Science (CMPSC)
Computer Science (2CPSC)
Electrical Engineering (E E)
Electrical Engineering Technology (2 EET)
Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology (EMET)
Engineering Entrepreneurship Minor (ESHIP)
Engineering Leadership Development Minor (E L D)
Engineering Mechanics Minor (E MCH)
Engineering Science (E SC)
Engineering Science (E SC)/Integrated M.S. in Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Science (E SC)/Integrated M.S. in Engineering Science
Environmental Engineering Minor (ENV E)
Industrial Engineering (I E)
Information Sciences and Technology for Industrial Engineering Minor (ISTIE)
Mechanical Engineering (M E)
Mechanical Engineering Technology (2 MET)
Nanotechnology Minor (NANO)
Nuclear Engineering (NUC E)
Peace and Conflict Studies Minor (PEACE)
Product Realization Minor (PRODR)
Surveying Engineering (SUR E)
Surveying Technology (2 SRT)
Telecommunications Technology (2TELT)