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Archive(Prior Major and Minor Descriptions)
Accounting (ACNTG)
Accounting Minor (ACNTG)
Biology (BIOBD)
Biology Minor (BIOBD)
Business Economics (BECON)
Business, Liberal Arts, and Science (BLASC)
Chemistry (CHMBD)
Chemistry Minor (CHMBD)
Communication and Media Studies (COMBA)
Communication Minor (COMMU)
Computer Engineering (CENBD)
Computer Engineering Minor (CENBD)
Computer Science (CMPBD)
Computer Science Minor (CSCBD)
Creative Writing (CWRIT)
Economics (ECNS)
Economics Minor (ECNS)
Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET)
Electrical Engineering (EE BD)
English (ELISH)
English Minor (ELISH)
Finance (FNC)
Finance Minor (FNC)
General Arts and Sciences (GAS)
General Business (2GBBC)
History (HSTBA)
History Minor (HSTRY)
International Business (INT B)
International Studies Minor (INTST)
Letters, Arts, and Sciences (2LABC)
Management (MANGT)
Management Minor (MANGT)
Management Information Systems (MISBD)
Management Information Systems Minor (MISBD)
Manufacturing Technology (2 MFT)
Marketing (MRKTG)
Marketing Minor (MRKTG)
Mathematics (MTHBD)
Mathematics Minor (MTHBD)
Mechanical Engineering (ME BD)
Mechanical Engineering Technology (METBD)
Physics (PHYBD)
Physics Minor (PHYBD)
Plastics Engineering Technology (PLTBD)
Plastics Engineering Technology (2PLET)
Political Science (POLSC)
Political Science Minor (POLSC)
Psychology (PSHBA)
Psychology (PSHBS)
Psychology Minor (PSYCH)
Science (SCNCE)
Science (SCNBD)
Software Engineering (SE BD)
Statistics Minor (STABD)
Women's Studies Minor (WMNBC)