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Penn State Shenango's degrees are included in these University College listings.

Archive(Prior Major and Minor Descriptions)
Administration of Justice (AJACC)
Administration of Justice (AJSCC)
American Studies (AMSCC)
American Studies Minor (AMSCC)
Applied Psychology (APSCC)
Business (BSBCC)
Business Minor (BSBCC)
Business/Liberal Arts Minor (BSLCC)
Business Administration (2BACC)
Communication Arts and Sciences (CASCC)
Communication Arts and Sciences Minor (CASCC)
Communications (COMCC)
Computer Science (2CPSC)
Electrical Engineering Technology (2 EET)
Electrical Engineering Technology (E E T)
Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology (EMET)
Elementary Education in Multicultural Settings (ELEDM)
English (ENGCC)
English Minor (ENGCC)
Forest Technology (2FORT)
Human Development and Family Studies - Community Human Services Option (HFSCC)
Human Development and Family Studies (2FSCC)
Information Sciences and Technology (IST)
Information Sciences and Technology (2 IST)
International Studies Minor (INTCC)
Law and Liberal Arts Minor (LAWCC)
Letters, Arts, and Sciences (LASCC)
Letters, Arts, and Sciences (2LACC)
Manufacturing Technology (2MTCC)
Materials Engineering Technology (2MAET)
Medical Laboratory Technology (2 MLT)
Mining Technology (2MNGT)
Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology (2 NMT)
Natural Resources Minor (NAT R)
Nursing (NURN)
Nursing (2NURS)
Occupational Therapy (2OTCC)
Philosophy Minor (PHLCC)
Physical Therapist Assistant (2 PTA)
Political Science Minor (PLSCC)
Psychology Minor (PSYCC)
Radiological Sciences (2RSCC)
Science (SCICC) - General Science Option (GEN) and Life Science Option (LIFE)
Science (2SCCC)
Sociology Minor (SOCCC)
Surveying Engineering (SUR E)
Surveying Technology (2 SRT)
Technical Writing Minor (TEWCC)
Women's Studies Minor (WMNCC)