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Congratulations on becoming a Penn State Shenango Student!

The Division of Undergraduate Studies is committed to assisting you in learning more about academic requirements and resources you will need to be successful at Penn State.

Steps needed to Complete New Student Orientation

Step 1: Complete your Educational Planning Survey

Step 2: Take your ALEKS Math Assessment

Completing the ALEKS Math Assessment is required of all entering first-year students regardless of AP, IB, dual enrollment, and CLEP credits. It is important because all majors at the University require courses in quantification. You may not take certain courses in mathematics, statistics or chemistry without demonstrating readiness.

Chemistry Placement

 Many science, engineering, and health-focuses programs require CHEM 110. CHEM 110 is a rigorous course involving significant mathematical manipulation, and algebra proficiency. Placement into an appropriate course will take place during the conversation you have with your adviser at New Student Orientation. Your placement will be based on your previous exposure to chemistry in high school the results of any honors or AP chemistry exams, and your performance on the ALEKS Math Assessment.

English Placement

Penn State requires all students to take a first-year composition course. You will be placed in the English composition program based on your demonstrated writing skill as measure by the SAT-Writing exam. If you do not have SAT-W scores, you will consult with an academic adviser during New Student Orientation to determine appropriate placement. 

Step 3: Attend New Student Orientation 

Once you complete the Educational Planning Survey and your online ALEKS Math Assessment, you will receive information about your New Student Orientation program.

New Student Orientation at Shenango begins the second week of June.

It consists of a half-day session that students and families are invited to attend. You will receive a letter in the mail inviting you to your New Student Orientation date.

Students will meet: one-on-one with a faculty adviser, receive interpretation of their testing results, schedule classes, and receive essential campus information that will assist in their academic success.

Families will get acquainted with Penn State’s policies, procedures, and other campus services.


Lion Strong Badge for NSO, Orientation and PSU 008