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Professional and Peer Tutors provide a means by which students thrive in an academic environment to achieve their maximum potential.


Professional Tutors

Faculty provide first-rate assistance in the following areas:

· English:  grammar, sentence structure, draft reviews, research methods, and documentation.

· Math:  problem solving, concept application, and test preparation.

· Reading/Study Skills:  effective reading techniques, time management, note-taking and test-taking strategies, and test-anxiety management. 

Peer Tutors

Peer tutors are students who have been recommended to the Learning Center by faculty for demonstrating consistent academic excellence in a course and an interest in assisting other students in their understanding of course material.  Content areas for which peer tutors are typically available include the following:

· Anatomy

· Biology

· Business

· English

· Human Development / Family Studies

· Math

· Physical Therapy

· Psychology

To request tutoring in a subject not listed, please print the Tutor Request Form, fill in all necessary information, and hand in the form to Learning Center personnel.

To apply for a peer tutor position, please print the Peer Tutor Application form, fill in all necessary information, obtain the signature of a faculty member who is recommending you, and hand in the form to Learning Center personnel.