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Application Process

1.  How do I find out if there is a tutor for a course I'm having difficulty with?

The SHARC uses WC Online, a web-based scheduling system for students to make appointments with tutors.  Students can search tutors by subject area and compare available times to make an appointment that is convenient.  If the subject for which you need help is not listed, please visit the SHARC as soon as possible for more information.

2.  Will tutoring cost me anything?

No. Tutoring is covered by the tuition you pay as a Penn State student.

3.  Where is the SHARC?

The SHARC is located in the Lartz Memorial Library, Room 103.

4.  Do I need to make an appointment to see a tutor?

Walk-ins are welcome.  However, to guarantee a tutoring session, you should schedule an appointment a day or two in advance.  Stop by or call the SHARC at (724) 983-2910.

5.  Can tutors help me with my homework?

If you are meeting with a tutor or attending a study group session, you may bring homework with you.  However, you need to show that you made an effort to do your assignments on your own.  Tutors are not permitted to do homework for the student.

6.  Do writing tutors proofread papers?

Writing tutors are available to work with you on all stages of the writing process, including brainstorming, outlining, and revising.  They will also help you proofread your final draft.

7.  Is the computer lab available for any student?

Yes.  Any Penn State student may use the computer lab.  Upon arrival, please sign the log-in sheet on the computer lab door.